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Thursday, March 24, 2011

How To Know When Someone Is Truly In Love With You

How do u know that a woman is truly in love with u?

Hi Mulash, knowing when a girl truly loves you lies on your knowledge and understanding of 1Cor.13:4-7. Let me try and describe these verses for you:

In verse 4, if a Christian sister professes to love you, it will show in her deeds; how PATIENT is she? Is she always in a hurry? Always snapping at you? How KIND is she to you and people around her? Does she care more for herself than for you?

Does she ENVY others easily? Does she always demand money from you so that she can continue changing her wardrobe to be like other girls without caring how much you earn? Does she BOAST a lot? People that always boast tend to exaggerate a lot and lie too. Is she PROUD? Making you feel privileged to be in a relationship with her all the time? Does she find it hard to greet and respect you?

In verse 5, you keep evaluating her character. Is she RUDE? Does she talk condescendingly to you? Does she force herself and her opinions on you? Is she SELF-SEEKING? Believing that everything starts, rotates around and ends with her? How does she control her ANGER? Does she easily fly off the handle? Does she KEEP RECORD OF WRONGS? Keeping scores of your mistakes and weaknesses?

In verse 6, you will begin to check if she DELIGHTS IN EVIL rather than REJOICING WITH THE TRUTH. Evil might sound harsh to your eyes but check if she gloats when you offend her and something bad happens to you.

In verse 7 finally, you will check if she always PROTECTS you, always TRUSTS you, always has high HOPES for you, and how she PERSEVERES with and bears your weaknesess.

When the Holy Spirit helps you to answer these questions and check all these things, then you will really know when a lady is truly in love with you.

Remain richly blessed..

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