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Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Long Is Long Enough For Courtship?

How long is long enough for dating b4 marriage?

Hi Azubuike, you’re welcome to our blog. To begin answering your question, I would assume that the issue has been settled between God and you that she’s the right woman and/or wife for you.

Now as to how long is long, I believe this now depends on you as the man and how buoyant you are. Some people court for three(3) months, some for six(6) and others one(1) year depending on the agreement of both parties.

I’ll suggest that if it’s someone you’ve known for a long time(a childhood friend, primary/secondary or even university), then you can court for three(3) months as there’s nothing that much to know again BUT if it’s someone new, it’s advisable to court for at least six(6) months.

This will enable you guys to know each other better, plan for your wedding and pray for the success of your marriage as a whole because wedding is the day you say "I do" BUT marriage begins after you say "I do".

Remain richly blessed..

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