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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How To Control Your Sexual Urges(2)

The sexual drive in you was placed there by God. And it is kept in line by boundaries outlined in the Bible, according to moral codes. But the regulating of your physical activity is done by your spirit and your mind.

If you leave your body to yourself, it’ll do what it wants, when it wants, with whomever it wants and not feel guilty. Your soul will feel guilty, and your spirit will feel grieved but your body won’t feel guilty. Your body does not see the wedding band, which signifies that someone is in covenant with another.

If you give your physical body freedom to do what it wants, its only when you wake and your soul comes into check that you have regrets and by then it's already too late. You have to master your body and sexual urges before it leads you straight to hell and we don't want that.

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