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Monday, March 14, 2011

Anything Like Christian "Romancing"?

Is it right for a christian brother to be in a relationship with a girl and also to romance a girl?

The answer is NO. It is not right for a Christian brother to be in a relationship with a girl except both of you are in a courtship agreement. A Christian brother can have lady friends who should be treated as sisters in the Lord. But when it comes to picking a particular sister for a relationship, it becomes very risky because you are not yet ready or you cannot guarantee that you must marry her.

Secondly, romancing a girl should not be in the dictionary of any body who calls himself a Christian brother(the same applies to all Christian ladies). The girl's body as well as your own is God's property/temple and we are all bought at a price which is the blood of Jesus Christ.

Never go beyond boundaries. Treat her as a sister with all purity(1Tim.5:1-2) because the Bible warns that anyone who defiles the temple of God, him shall God destroy(1Cor.3:16-17). Please do not use your today to spoil or destroy your tomorrow. Be holy even as your Heavenly Father is holy.

Matthew 5:27-30, Luke 16:12 and 1Thess.4:3-7 will also help you to understand the stand a Christian ought to take in these matters. Submit all desires to God and He will help you overcome those temptations. Flee from fornication, resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Remain richly blessed..


  1. the questoin is so funny to me. but Yoruba proverb says"who so ever ask want to know". sin is sin either big or small, and besides there is no holy sin.

  2. That is so true Abdron and it's only God that can help us to surmount the sins of the flesh especially sexual desires.

  3. Sex is the greatest of sins that most people tend to say"i will repent" after the act.The funniest part of it is that this is an idea conceived in the mind,and can be rebuked only if the heart is committed.The drive tends to break our resistance,but scripture in proverbs 6:16-24,is clear that only bGods counsel can send us away from this blatant evil!Verse 25 talks of Lust,that it brings poverty and even death!!

  4. You're so right KE 901. Anyone that thinks like that will keep falling into the same thing believing that he/she'll keep repenting and that's a very bad and vicious circle. Only the power of Christ can break us lose from this satanic bondage..

  5. I have a doubt regarding your statment, "It is not right for a Christian brother to be in a relationship with a girl except both of you are in a courtship agreement."
    What if the girl and boy fall in love, and have decided to get married, is it not called a courtship agreement?
    Can they go ahead to get married?

    1. My dear, once a lady and gent decide to get married, it becomes a courtship agreement and there's nothing wrong with that so they can go ahead and get married.

      But for a genuine born again Christian lady and gent, it would be wise of them to consult God first before beginning their relationship as this would help them have their convictions about that marriage 'cos it takes more than love to keep your marriage going.

      I hope it's clearer to you now. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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