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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is Something Wrong With My Spiritual Life??

Hi Beloved. I Am A Christian Who Was Baptized In A Catholic Church But Now Attends A Pentecostal Church. My Problem Is That My Prayers Are Very Short In Church And I Always Run Out Of Things To Pray About When Others Around Me Go On And On. I Don’t Speak In Tongues And I Have Never Fallen Down Like Most People Do When The Pastor Prays For Them. This Makes Me Feel Very Awkward. Is It That I’m Not Believing Enough Or I Am Not Connecting With The Holy Spirit At All?

My Dear, I Would Want To Say That There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Spiritual Life BUT I Have To Ask You A Question First. When You Began Attending The Pentecostal Church, Did You Really Accept Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour And Renounced Every Work Of Darkness?

If Your Answer Is Yes, Then Here’s The Second Question; Does The

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm In Love With One Of My Mentors But She's So Hesitant Because Of Her Age. What Do I Do??

Hi Beloved, I’m A New Convert And I’m Very Happy About The Path The Lord Is Taking Me Through. I Am In Love With One Of My Spiritual Mentors In The Church. We Have Been So Close And I Have Even Told Her I Love Her And She Directed Me To Speak With The Pastor Which I Did, And Constantly I Have Been Having Counsels From The Pastor.
She Has Been Out Of A Relationship For 2years Now And The Relationship Lasted For 7yrs Which Is Making Her Find It Difficult To Open Herself Up To Me. My Issues Are As Follows; She Complains Of Her Age ‘Cos She Is 5months Older Than Me. I Believe She Loves Me ‘Cos It Shows But She Kept Fighting It Whenever She Gets Such Emotion For Me.... I Have Prayed And Still Praying. Please Beloved What Do I Do As I Really Love Her.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Falling In Love With One Of Your Mentors But The Question I’ll Ask You Is This; When Those Feelings Began To Arise, Did You Pray About It To Know If She’s God’s Choice Of A Wife For You? I Didn’t See You Talking About Marriage And I’m Really Not Comfortable With Just Telling Her You Love Her.

I Perfectly Understand Her Hesitancy In Opening Herself Up To You Because She

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is It Biblical To Kiss During Courtship?

Is It Biblical For A Christian Brother And Sister, While Still In Courtship, To Kiss?

The Answer Is NO! It Is Not Biblical. What Apostle Paul Said Was To Give One Another A HOLY KISS And Please Don’t Allow Any Brother To Use That Verse And Deceive You. If A Christian Brother Wants To Give A Holy Kiss To A Christian Sister While Courting Her, He Should Do So In A Public Gathering Like The Church, Fellowship, Or In The Presence Of Other Christians.

During Courtship, Anything That Cannot Be

Monday, June 25, 2012

THE “R” IN T-“R”-U-S-T..

“R” Stands For “RELIABLE”. This Word I Believe Is Gotten From These Two Words; RELY And ABLE. Bringing Them Together Would Give Us ‘Able To Be Relied On’ So Are You Able To Be Relied On? Can Your God-Approved Partner Rely On You? If He/She Cannot Rely On You, Then How Can You Be Trusted Or Depended On?
John 8:26b Tell Us That “He Who Sent Me Is Reliable, And What I Have Heard From Him, I Will Tell The World”.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is It A Sin To Have A Crush For Your Boyfriend’s Lil Bro??

Hi Beloved. Is It A Sin To Have A Crush For Your Boyfriend’s Lil Bro? Thank You.

Your Question, When I Finally Understood It Made Me Wonder. Having A Crush On The Younger Brother Of Your Boyfriend Is Like Having A Crush On The Younger Brother Of Your Husband And It Is Not Good At All, At All. #Smh

First Of All, Is Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend A Godly One? I Ask This Because I Don’t Encourage ‘Boyfriend-Girlfriend Stuff’. It Is Better To

Monday, June 18, 2012

The "T" In T-R-U-S-T..

We Ought To Know The True Meaning Of The Word “Trust” Before Giving Our Hearts To Anyone So As To Avoid Un-necessary Heartbreaks. I’ll Be Sharing The Meaning Of Each Letter That Make Up T-R-U-S-T With You On A Weekly Basis. This Tuesday, We’ll Be Starting With The First Letter Which Is “T”.

THE   “T”   IN   “T”-R-U-S-T:
“T” Stands For “TRUTHFUL”. Being Always Truthful Means Being Realistic And Never Having To Lie About Anything Concerning Your Life; And Not Concealing The Truth Either. If Your God-Approved Partner Cannot Vouch For You, How Can He/She Be Able To Trust You? They Will Always Be Suspecting You Even When You Decide To Tell Them The Truth.
Proverbs 12:19 Tells Us That “Truthful Lips Endures Forever, But A Lying Tongue Lasts Only

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Biblical Truth About Sex Before Marriage..

What Is The Biblical Truth About Sex Before Marriage And Also Kissing And Physical Intimacy?
The Biblical Truth Can Be Found In Many Chapters Of The Scripture But Let Me Give You Two Passages; 1 Corinthians 6:13-20 Which Explained In Detail That Your Body Belongs To The Lord Because He Paid For It With His Blood; Therefore It Is Now His Temple And As Such Should Not Be Defiled By Sexual Immorality Which Is A Sin Against One’s Body.
Another Biblical Truth About Sex Before Marriage Can Be Found In Hebrews 13:4 Which Says That “Marriage Should Be Honoured By All And The Marriage Bed Kept Pure, For God Will Judge The Adulterer And All The Sexually Immoral”.
Kissing And Physical Intimacy Between Two Unmarried People Falls Under The Umbrella Of Sexual Immorality And Is A Sin Before God.
Remain Richly Blessed..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Should I 'Sleep' With My Fiance For Medical Reasons??

I Have A Fiancé To Marry Soon. The Last Time He Made Love Was Dec. 2010. Now He Complains Of Malaria, Body Pains, And Waist Pains. He Had Visited The Hospital On Several Occasions For The Treatment But Despite The Drugs And The Treatment Given To Him Proved Abortive. So He Went To The Hospital Yesterday, When He Got There, The Doctor Interviewed Him...Mr So So, Am Very Sorry To Have Said This, Do You Have A Girlfriend? He Said Yes, Please When Last Did You Have Sex?...Said It’s Been Long. 
The Doctor Screamed And Said;  No Wonder You’ve Been Sick All This While. My Advice For You Now Is To go And See Your Girlfriend.
And This Man I’m Talking About Is A True Child Of GOD. He Tells Me Whatever Happens To Him On Phone Cos I’m Far Away From Him And We Do Communicate On Phone. Now, My Question Is That Any Time I Go And See Him, Should I Allow Him Or Not?

Asking Me If You Should Allow Him Make Love To You Or Not When You Visit Him Next Is Like Asking Me If You Should Allow Him Take You To Heaven Or Hell And My Answer Will Always Be Heavenly-Minded – Don’t Allow Him!!

So Dear, Please

Monday, June 11, 2012

Meant To Be Or Not Meant To Be..

Hi Beloved, I Have Been Praying For The Right Man In My Life, 3wks Ago, I Met This Good Looking Guy, Smart, Christian, Everything I Idealized Except There Is No 'Chemistry'. Sometimes, We Go Out But Run Out Of Things To Say To Each Other. It Gets Quite Uncomfortable And Whenever He Says 'I Love You', I Just Can’t Bring Myself To Say The Same To Him. Could It Be That This Is Not Meant To Be Or I Need To Give Us More Time?

I’ll Start By Saying That Three (3) Weeks Is An Awfully Short Time To Know And Love Somebody. Any Guy/Lady That Professes To Love You Within Three Weeks Is Making A Very Suspicious Statement Because Lust Is Instant But Love Builds Overtime.

Have You Taken Time To

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Should I Move On Or Wait For Him??

Dear Beloved, I Was Having A Distant Relationship With A Guy Whom I Love So Much Until He Ended It In January. We Were In This Relationship For 5 Months. During Last Year's Christmas, I Went To Meet Him In Africa ‘Cos I Study In Europe And We Had A Great Time Together, Went Places And He Introduced Me To His Friends. 
After The Holidays I Came Back To Europe And Then We Started Having Problems. He Was Getting Jealous About Everything Which Was Normal To Me But He Took It To A Greater Level And Wanted Too Much Attention And I Am A Medical Student Which Means I Need More Time To Study Instead. Because Of This We Argued A Lot And He Took The Arguments Seriously That He Broke Up With Me. It Still Doesn't Make Sense To Me Why We Broke Up But He Gave Me Some Reason That He Needed Time Alone. 
It’s Been 4 Months Now Since The Break Up And He Won't Tell Me Whether To Move On Or Wait For Him. Its Either He Is Seeing Someone Else Now Or He Never Did Love Me Or Maybe All He Wanted Was Sex Because The Mistake I Made Was Sleeping With Him. I Love This Guy So Much And He Said He Would Marry Me But Now I Don't Know If That Will Even Happen Cos We Hardly Talk And I Don't Know If He Will Ever Get Back To Me. I Have Been Praying To God To Show Me If He's Really The One. 
My Question Now Is Should I Move On With My Life Or Should I Wait For God To Answer Somehow?

My Dear, I Really Feel Your Pain And Even If It’s True That You’ve Made The Mistake Of Sleeping With Him, That Should Not Be The End Of Your Life. Our God Is A God Of Second Chances!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My Love's Genotype And Mine Are The Same - As, As. What Do I Do??

Hi Beloved, I'm Into A Relationship That Is About 12 Years Old Now, She Is The Only Girl In My Life That I Love With My Whole Heart Even Though We're Not Living In The Same Country. I've Committed Myself To The Highest Level That Nobody Can Imagine Nor Believe In This 21st Century. Honestly Speaking, I Can't Do Without Her. I Can't Imagine My Feelings Towards Her. But From All Indications, She's Proven Integrity, Sincerity, God-Fearing And Decent. 
When I Realized All These, I Was Really Happy For Falling In Love With Such A Girl Which Made Me Clingier To Her. Early This Year, We Had A Medical Test And When The Result Came Out; Our Genotype Was The Same – As, As – According To The Report. Since Then, Whenever I Think Of Breaking Up, I'll Fall Sick And Emotional Crazy Until I Speak With Her Before I Can Get Myself. The Truth Is, I Can’t Quit The Relationship Otherwise Something May Happen To Me. 
I Really Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With Her. I Need Prayers And Advice. What Should I Do?

Wow! I Feel Your Pain And Would Advice You Based On Your Faith. Are You Truly Born Again? Did God

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The "One" For Me No Longer Cares..

Hi, I'm In Love With A Guy I Thought Was "The One". But Everything Has Changed Because Up Until Recently He Has Stopped Caring And It Seems Our Relationship Has Been One Sided Because I'm Doing All The Texting, Calling, Loving And Missing. The Problem Is I Love Him And I Don't Know What To Do... Please Help Me... I Am Confused...

I believe I’ve treated a case like this and my answer remains that you should leave the relationship because God never created love to be one-sided but mutual. If a guy you thought was “the one” stops caring and you’re the only one that does the whole texting, calling, loving and missing, then something is wrong somewhere.

Thinking he was “the one” meant that there was a time he was calling you,

Monday, June 04, 2012

I've Been Accused Of Having An Affair With My Brother-In-Law. What Do I Do?

Dear Beloved, I’m 25, And Has A Cousin Of The Same Age Who Is Married. A While Back, I Had Financial Problems And Went To Stay With Her, The Hubby Then Started Declaring His Love For Me And Telling Me All The Problems He Had With My Sister. Of Course I Didn’t Give In To His Persuasions Until I Left. But Now Rumors Have Started Going Around That I Was Actually Having An Affair With This Brother-In-Law. 
He Says He Might Have Told His Friend Whose Wife Is My Sister’s Friend. My Sister Heard About This And She’s Now Very Distant Towards Me. I Didn’t Want To Tell Her Of Her Husband’s Betrayal But Now What Do I Do? Will She Even Believe Me?

I Started Praying For You As I Read About Your Predicament And The Word I Have For You Is This; Since You Know That Your Hands Are Truly Clean And Your Ways Are Right Before God, Then Wait On Him To Fight Your Battles And The Truth Will Come Out In The Open. A Clean Conscience Fears No Accusation. 

I Don’t Support The Idea Of