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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Are Your Thoughts On Dating??

Hello Beloved. Thanks For All The Godly And Insightful Post Regarding Relationships. I'm A Born Again Christian By The Grace Of God And Would Like To Know Your Thoughts On Dating. I Personally Want To Meet The Right Man God Has Created For Me And I Know That Is Only Possible Through Patiently Waiting And Trusting On His Promises. However, I Get Confused On Certain Areas Like Dating. If I Decide To Date A Guy Who Is A Friend Because I Feel He Might Be A "Potential", Does That Seem Like I’m Trying To Act Ahead Of God? At The Same Time, I Then Ask My Self That If I Don’t Date, How Do I Get To Know A Guy. The Ideal Way I Understand Relationships That Lead To Marriages Is: Date->Courting->Then Marriage. Please Let Me Know Your Answers To This. God Bless.

You’re Welcome Dear And Greater Thanks To God For The Divine Wisdom And Inspiration He Brings To Light Through Me. I Don’t Support Dating Because It Shows An Individual Picking A Lady Or Gent All By Himself/Herself And This Is Not God’s Way. I Love The Way You Put It – ‘…Seems Like I’m Trying To Act Ahead Of God?’ Yes, You Are.

 The Truth About Wanting To Date First Is That We Want To
Chose Whoever Appeals To Our Physical Senses And Then, Asks God To Give His Consent – GOD CAN NEVER SIT AT THE BACK SEAT! He’s The Driver And We Are His Passengers. It Was He Alone, Not Adam That Said In Gen 2:18 That “It Is Not Good For A Man To Be Alone. I Will Make A Helper Suitable For Him.”

As A Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus, When The Time Comes For Marriage, God Will Reveal Your Husband-To-Be To You Or To The Guy First. Before I Became Engaged, God Brought Strongly To My Heart Who He Has Chosen To Be My Head, I Prayerfully Asked Him To Do The Same To The Brother Because It Is A Man That Proposes And Not The Other Way Round. He Did That And Within A Short While The Brother Called Me And That’s How Our Relationship Started.

I’ll Refer You To Two Good Books Written By Joshua Harris On This Issue. He Called The First One ‘I KISSED DATING GOODBYE’ – In Its Intro, He Said It’s Time We Gave Up Dating And Discover That God Has Something Even Better – A Life Of Sincere Love, True Purity, And Purposeful Singleness. And The Second One He Called ‘BOY MEETS GIRL, SAY HELLO TO COURTSHIP’ – At The Back, He Said That As Old Fashioned As It Might Sound, Courtship Is What Modern-Day Relationships Desperately Need. Think Of It As Romance Chaperoned By Wisdom, Cared For By The Church Community, And Directed By God’s Word.

My Advice To You Will Be To Leave The Ideal Way And Follow God’s Way. When The Time Is Right, God Will Surprise You With The Way He’ll Connect You To Your Husband, If You’ll Leave The Driver’s Seat For Him And Take The Passenger Seat. Never Forget That ‘THE BLESSINGS OF GOD ADDS NO SORROW..


  1. Oh, this is so wonderful a blog...

    This question was bothering my faith and me for the longest time,
    for months (for years, actually)

    I through my whole period of singleness, believed in God's way, and not the ideal way.. And God did surprisingly bring a wonderful man to whom I am married, after soooo long a wait...a painful waiting period indeed..

    When I saw another Christian sister who enjoyed dating, and did get married to the same guy (a Christian) and they are happily married (No Grudges), I almost lost my foundation of my belief and felt deceived by God, talking to myself that I had lost all the fun in life, that I did not had to go through the long and painful wait, that I did not have to answer questions in social gathering, 'why aren't u still married?'

    I thought even I could have gone that way, and married the man of my desires, and get God's consent (like that dear sister who is blessed (again no jealousy))..I was of the opinion that in vain did I kept myself pure in order to keep God's way, when God blesses even people who put HIM in passenger seat (in your words)..

    But after reading this post, I am relieved..
    I am glad I gave God the driver's seat... No doubt at all, I am married to the best man in the world.. :)

    1. Wow! I love your story Maria especially the last part about being married to the best man in the world. May God continue to bless and strengthen your marriage in Jesus' name, amen! Thanks dear. :-)

  2. Wonderful. God did speak to me through this blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for visiting and God bless you. Grateful to God for speaking to you through this blog.. :)

  3. What is wrong with dating?
    What are the spiritual consequences of dating?
    Is it a grave sin before God's eyes?
    Are we brought under judgement before God if we date, and get married to the same person whom we date..?

    1. My dear, The thing wrong with dating is that most times, it is done without God's consent. Now, anyone can date as they like but if you're a genuine Christian seeking to please God in your relationship, you'll get Him involved and once this is done, then it becomes a courtship relationship and no longer testing the waters.

      The spiritual consequences of dating is that temptations of sexual immorality abound and if you fall into it, you've bonded with a soul that might not be your soul mate and that's the root of most problems in marriages.

      It is not a grave sin before God but if you really love Him, you'll surrender even your relationship to Him and remember, God demands our all or nothing.

      No, you'll not be brought under judgement before God if you date and get married to the same person BUT if you marry wrongly, determine to remain there 'cos God hates divorce. He's interested in who we date and marry because He knows His plans for us which is for good and never to harm us.

      Hope these answers met the questions you asked..


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