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Monday, July 23, 2012

THE “T” IN T-R-U-S-“T”..

“T” Stands For “TALK-ABOUT-EVERTHING”. Secrets Destroy Any Relationship No Matter How You Profess To Love Each Other. Do You Keep Secrets From Your God-Approved Partner? There’s Nothing Like A Little Secret And A Big Secret. Keeping Secrets Gives The Devil Charge Over You Because He Will Keep Tormenting You With It; And Sooner Or Later, He Will Expose It To Your Shame.

2 Cor.4:2a Tells Us That “Rather, We Have Renounced Secret And Shameful Ways; We
Do Not Use Deception Nor Do We Distort The Word Of God”. From This Verse, We Can See That Every Secret And Shameful Ways Ought To Be Denounced. Share Any Secret About Your Past Life/Relationship With Your Partner Because A Clean Conscience Fears No Accusation.

Your Secrets Should NOT Be Shared With Just Any-How Partner And This Brings Me To Ask You If God Has Given You His Consent Over The Guy/Lady In Your Life Right Now? If Not, You Have No Business Being In That Relationship And No Business Whatsoever Sharing Your Secrets With Him/Her. Only GOD-APPROVED Partners In A Relationship Can Share Their Secrets Without Any Fear Of Disgrace/Shame.

When Your God-Approved Partner Knows That You Tell Him/Her Everything And Keeps No Secrets, They Will Definitely Trust You And Believe All You Tell Them.

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