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Thursday, July 19, 2012

From Frequent Calls To No More Calls. What Do I Do?

I Am A Sister Aged 24, And I Have Been Dating This Guy For 6 Years Now And He Is Currently Living And Working In South Africa. Before He Went To South Africa, Our Relationship Was Great And When He Left The Communication Was Good And Gradually The Communication Started To Become Less Frequent. At First, He Would Call Me Everyday, And It Came To Twice A Week, Four Times A Month, And Eventually Once A Month And Now He No Longer Calls. Now He Is Quiet And I Don’t Know What This Means. Do You Think I Still Have A Future With Him? I Don’t Know What To Do Or Think? My Feelings For Him Are Mixed And Uncertain. What Should I Do? Should I Call Him And Find Out What’s Going On Or Should I End Things With Him? Please Help Me??

This Is Quite Touching And It Brought To My Mind The Fact That “DISTANCE TRIES OUR LOVE TO SEE IF IT’S REALLY TRUE AND GODLY OR NOT.” My FiancĂ© And I Are Also Involved In A Long Distance Relationship But It Has Not Reduced Our Love For One Another A Bit Or Our Communication Frequency ‘Cos It Has God’s Solid Backing. Does Your Relationship With This Guy Have God’s Backing? Is God Even Aware Of It? Did The Relationship Begin With God’s Consent/Permission?

Any Relationship Without A Frequent Communication – Be It Far Or Near – Is
Bound To Have Problems. Communication Remains A Prerequisite For Any Relationship That Want To Last Long. The Way He Reduced It From Daily To Twice A Week; To Four Times A Month; To Once A Month; And Now, No More, Simply Showed The Way His Love For You Was Fading.

Another Thing That Came To Mind Is This; Communication Is A Two-Way Process. I Sure Hope That All These While, He Wasn’t The Only One Doing All The Callings – If He Doesn’t Call, You Won’t Call. If You Never Called Him, He May Have Taken It To Mean That You Were No Longer Interested. True Love Is Always Mutual And Not One-Sided.

My Advice To You First Of All Would Be To Sincerely Pray About Your Relationship To Know If Your Guy Is God’s Choice Of A Husband For You. Secondly, Based On What God Says Concerning Him, You’ll Call Him And Have A Talk With Him – Either To Amend The Relationship Or To End It.


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