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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The "S" In T-R-U-"S"-T..

“S” Stands For “SELFLESSNESS”. The Opposite Of Being Selfless Is To Become Selfish And Selfishness Is A Vice That Breeds Distrust In Any Relationship. Does Everything You Do Concern You And You Alone? Do You Put Your God-Approved Partner’s Needs Ahead Of Yours? If All You Care About In Your Relationship Is How To Meet Your Needs, How Can Your Partner Trust You?

Philippians 2:3 Tells Us That We Should “Do Nothing Out Of Selfish Ambition Or Vain Conceit, But In Humility,
Consider Others Better Than Yourselves”. This Is Showing Us That Selflessness Goes With Humility And; Coming To Verse 5, It Says “Your Attitude Should Be The Same As That Of Christ Jesus” And We Can All Testify That Jesus Is Both Selfless And Humble.

If You Claim To Be A Born-Again Believer And A Disciple Of Christ Jesus, Then You Should Emulate All The Virtues That Emanated From Him. He Put His Disciples’ Needs Ahead Of His Own – He Served Them And Asked Them To Serve Others The Way He Served Them. So Do You Put Your Partner’s Need Ahead Of Your Own Or Must Your Needs Come First?

Being Selfless In Your Relationship Breeds Trust But Selfishness On The Other Hand, Would Certainly Destroy Your God-Approved Partner’s Trust In You And Might Eventually Destroy That Relationship.

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