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Monday, July 30, 2012


We Just Finished The Acronym Of TRUST And I’ll Conclude The Series By Doing A Recap/Summary Of The Letters. I’ll Start With The First Two (2) Letters – “T” And “R”..

T-RUTHFUL: As I Explained On The Matter Of Being Truthful And To Add A Little To That, You Have To Be Very Honest With Your God-Approved Partner – No Need Of Pretending. If He/She Is Talking And You Don’t Understand, Don’t Lie That You Do But
Apologize For Your Wandering Mind And Ask That They Repeat In Clearer Terms What They Have Been Saying So You Can Truly Understand The Message He/She Is Trying To Pass Across. You’ll Gain Their Trust By Doing This.
If Your Partner Does Something That Hurts Or Offends You, Don’t Tell A Lie By Saying ‘It’s Okay’ When It’s Not Okay. Tell Him/Her The Truth BUT Correct Them In Love Rather Than Suppressing It And Getting Bitter About It (Some Ladies Might Even Sulk). Get It Off Your Chest So They Can Know Their Offense And Apologize BUT If You Decide To Overlook It, Let It Remain Buried – Never To Be Brought Up Again.

R-ELIABLE: Here, You Have To Let Your Partner Know That You’ll Always Be There For Them But Make Sure You Mean Those Words Before You Say It Because Trials/Test Must Follow So You Can Prove Those Words. If After The Test, You Remained True To Your Words And Stood By Your Partner, You’ll Surely Win Their Trust.
So If You’re Not Sure Of Your Feelings, Don’t Fake It By Making Promises You Cannot Keep. Choosing To Rely On Someone Is A Choice Because Nobody Is Perfect But When You Completely Put Your Trust In God First Of All, He Will Help You Trust Your Partner Completely Too.

Finally, TRUST, First Of All, In God And Lean Not On Your Own Understanding. Trust God To Channel Your Relationship To The Best Possible End Because His Thoughts For You Are Of Good And Not Of Evil, To See You To An Expected End.

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