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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Love Builds Overtime..

Question For Beloved: What Do You Mean By, "Love Builds Overtime", Please?

When I Said That “LOVE BUILDS OVERTIME”, I Was Trying To Explain The Truth That You Cannot Just Say The Words “I LOVE YOU” Within Days, Or Even Few Weeks Of Meeting Someone Without Actually Taking The Time To Really Know That Person First Of All.

The Same Way It Takes You Time To Know All There
Is To Know About Someone Would Be The Same Way Your Love For That Person Increases. The Attributes Or Characteristics Of Love As Found In 1 Cor.13:4-7 Is Not Instantaneous; It Grows Or Builds.

When Someone Tells You He/She Is In Love With You After Knowing You A Little While, It Is Very Suspicious Because Lust Is Sudden BUT Love Takes Time. Lust Sees The Physical Make-Up Of The Individual While Love Sees Both The Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Make-Up Of That Person And You’ll Agree With Me That You Cannot See These Things Within A Short Period Of Time.

Applying This Wisdom In Your Relationship Will Help You Differentiate Liars From Those Who Speak The Truth Because True Loves Bears With People's Strengths And Weaknesses..

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