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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I’m In A Long-Distance Relationship And I Don’t Fully Trust Him. Can He Cheat On Me??

Hi Beloved, I Want To Ask; What Do You Think About Long Distance Relationships? Does It Really Work? My Boyfriend Loves Me And He Calls And Texts Me Every Time But Somehow I Think He’s Cheating On Me Coz I Have Never Had A Long Distance Thing Going On Between Us So It’s My First Time. I Love Him So Much And He’s A Christian. Do You Think He Can Cheat On Me? I’m Worried. Lol

I Can Give You A Good Advice On This Matter Because I’m Personally Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship And From Experience; I Can Say That There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Getting Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship As Far As You "Trust" Each Other Completely.

What Kills Every Relationship Is
A Lack Of Trust. Trust Is So Important In A Relationship Because It Is The Glue – After Love Of Course – That Holds A Relationship Together. If You Don’t Trust Your Friend, Then Whether He’s Far Or Near Is Not The Issue Because You’ll Still Continue To Suspect Him.

From Experience, My Fiancé And I Trust Each Other Therefore The Distance Is Not An Issue For Us Because We’re Both Answerable To God First Of All, Before Man. He’s A Born-Again Child Of God And So Am I. Now Permit Me To Ask You; Are You Born-Again? Is Your Boyfriend Born-Again?

Bring A Christian Or A Church-Goer Does Not Make Your Boyfriend A Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus But Truly/Genuinely Accepting Christ As His Lord And Saviour And Living A Life That Makes This Truth Clear To All.

So I Cannot Tell If He Will Cheat On You Because I Cannot Also Tell If He’s Truly Born-Again. Only You Can Do That. Also Define Your Relationship Because I’m Not Comfortable With Boyfriend-Girlfriend Stuff. Defining Your Relationship By Seeking God’s Confirmation About Him As Your Future Husband Will Help You Avoid A Heart Break.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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