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Monday, June 06, 2011

Ten Errors Singles Waiting-On-God Make(8)..

Getting Into Ungodly Associations; Consulting Seers, Horoscopes, Native Doctors, Listening To Worldly Music and Watching Pornographic Movies:

Do you call yourself a child of God and yet, you still visit and consult seers/native doctors to tell you who is delaying your marriage, when Mr. /Ms. Right will show up or who among your various prospects is the correct person.

Some of us read and believe daily horoscopes that tell us our lucky day, lucky colours and when we’ll meet our perfect match instead of believing God who alone sees the end from the beginning.
Some of us even go to the extent of collecting charms from native doctors to use and catch their future partners and trap them into marriage forgetting that who sows in deceit will also reap in deceit cos God is not mocked.

Some singles waiting on God also listen to worldly romantic music and watch pornographic films that incite their sexual feelings and before they know it, they have fallen into the bondage of masturbation, fornication, lesbianism and homo-sexualism.

We are what we watch and listen to no matter how we think they don’t get to us, they do!! God told us during the transfiguration to LISTEN to Jesus and the Bible also tells us to LOOK UNTO Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

These ungodly associations are not to be found in the life of a Christian because they are traps the devil uses to cage God’s children. If you really know and believe that you’re a genuine born-again Christian, avoid these things, trust in God and your expectations will never be cut off. That’s a promise from God!

Remain richly blessed..

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