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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Review Of The "Ten Errors Singles Waiting-on-God Make"..

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. For the past weeks, we have been studying the "Ten Errors Christian Singles Waiting-on-God Make" and to cap it up, we will list again the ten errors and they are;

1. Having idols in your heart..

2. Continuing To Engage In Any Form Of Sex Outside Marriage..

3. Ignoring Unbroken Covenants with the people you’ve slept with..

4. Ignoring Your Vehicle of Destiny..

5. Being Ignorant Of The Mystery Of Marriage; Marriage to demonic spirits – having sex and babies in the dream..

6. Dismissing The Subject Of Unholy Dressing; Wearing Indecent, Skimpy and Half-clad Dressing..

7. Dismissing God’s Warning; Do Not Be Unequally Yoked With An Unbeliever..

8. Getting Into Ungodly Associations; Consulting Seers, Horoscopes, Native Doctors, Listening To Worldly Music and Watching Pornographic Movies..

9. Living With A Lady/Man Who’s Not Your Wife/Husband..

10. Leaving Unbroken Curses In Place; Cursed Families Where People Marry Late Or Not At All, And Separation/Divorce For Those That Manage To Get Married..

You can prayerfully go through them again and allow the Holy Spirit show you where you might be at fault so that you can repent and return to the right path.

Do you have any question to ask concerning these “Errors”? Please feel free to ask here..

Remain richly blessed as I wish you the best of the week..

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