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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Can't Afford To Lose Her..

This question is about me madam. I need your advice. I hav my lover I truly love her to my wife, now she has her sisters who are older than her but they are corned by men and they end up disappointing them so of recent this month her sis gave birth but the man said he doesn’t even know her unfortunately even the baby passed away so imagine beloved, a man to treat a girl like that. So my lover based on this, she sent me a msg in that she is scared I might be playing funs on her but beloved, I truly love her I want her to be my wife. She is my first girl in life but now I don’t know wat to talk to her that can confirm her because she can’t see wat is at my heart, I need your advice, GOD BLESS U BELOVED. Paul

Hi Paul, In reply to your predicament, I will start by asking you if you have really prayed about this lady and God spoke to your spirit that she's your wife. If you're not sure, you might really love and want to marry her now but the story may change next year when you see another lady more beautiful than her.

But if you're sure she's the wife God has chosen for you, then just commit her in prayers and ask God to also speak to her heart to convince her that you're her husband. What the man did to her sister was not fair and I don't blame your lady for being scared but such is life.She has to be able to trust you.

There's nothing prayer cannot solve, so hand it over to God and patiently wait for His will concerning your marriage to come to pass. If she's your wife as ordained by God, she'll definitely understand that you're not like those men and come back to you. I hope this advice will be of help to you.

All the very best dear and remain blessed..

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