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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is A Relationship Between Two Religions Possible?

Hi Beloved, please how are you going to handle a relationship between two religions if you entered this kind of relationship? Sometimes it comes to a point where both of you have an argument because of contradicting perspectives, beliefs, and even principles/ standards. Are you gonna give up or go on with the relationship?? Anne

Hi Anne, I believe you can prayerfully handle such a relationship because we have one belief, one faith, one standard, one hope and one Lord who's Christ Jesus. Now if these religions does not have Jesus Christ as its focal point (Way, Truth and Life), then there's no need in continuing the relationship.

I say this because if both of you do not have the same Saviour, then it can be likened to the relationship between light and darkness and I believe you know what the Bible says about that. If you are in the kingdom of light, then you need not enter into a relationship with one who’s in the kingdom of darkness cos anybody without Christ is in darkness.

BUT if you're both Christians, then the perspective, beliefs, and even principles/standards ought to be the same because Christ is ALL and He's in ALL and need I mention that we also have the mind of Christ. All the very best.

Remain richly blessed dear..

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