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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

THE ‘E’ IN R-E-LATIONSHIP… {Everyone Else Is Second; Not You}..

As Hard As This May Sound, It Is The Truth – In Every Godly Relationship, Your Partner Is Second After God Who Takes The First Position – And Must Be Applied If You Want A Smooth And Satisfying Relationship. After Making God First, The Next In Line Is Not You O! {Sorry About That} It’s Every Other Person/ Your Partner, Now Followed By You.
Remember That The Bible Told Us To Consider Others Better Than Us And To Look Out For Their Interest First Before Ours. So In Your
Relationship, The Interest And Needs Of Your Partner Comes Before Yours ‘Cos The Bible Encourages To Serve Each Other In Love Using All Our Heart And Strength.

Phil.2:3 – “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves”.

If You Still Want To “Call The Shots” I.E. Saying What Will And Will Not Happen In Your Relationship, Then You’re Not Really Ready For A Godly Relationship Because Selfishness Destroys A Relationship. If You Always Want To Be Seen And Heard Above Others By Insisting That Whatever You Say Shall Be Done, Then I See Disaster Waiting To Happen In That Relationship.

In The Message Translation, We Are Advised In The Same Phil.2:3-4 Like This; “Don’t Push Your Way To The Front; Don’t Sweet-Talk Your Way To The Top. Put Yourself Aside, And Help Others To Get Ahead. Don’t Be Obsessed With Getting Your Own Advantage. Forget Yourselves Long Enough To Lend A Helping Hand”.

One Truth I Should Make Clear To You Is That Serving The Needs Of Your Partner Before Your Own Is Quite Impossible Without Christ Jesus And The Holy Spirit At Work In You. Have You Accepted Him As Your Lord And Saviour? If Not, Do It Now And You’ll Experience A Godly And Satisfying Relationship.

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