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Monday, July 08, 2013

He Agreed On No Sex But Says He Cannot Do Without Kissing. What Should I Do??

Hi Beloved, I Met This Guy And We Are Into A Relationship. While Getting To Know Each Other, I Told Him My Stand Against Pre-Marital Sex And He Is Okay With That. But He Also Says He Cannot Do Without Kissing And That Too Is Not Part Of My Ethics. What Should I Do?  I'm Confused.
My Dear, You Shouldn’t Be Confused Because God Is Not An Author Of Confusion. You Said You Met This Guy And Entered A Relationship With Him But I Didn’t Read Anything About Seeking God’s Face About Him Before Starting A Relationship With Him. No Relationship Can Be Genuinely Successful And Satisfying Except God Is With Both Parties Or In Support Of That Relationship.
Standing Against Pre-Marital Sex But Without Biblical Values Is Really Not Worth It Because It Will Not Stand Against
Emotional Blackmail Like You’re Currently Experiencing. But When Your Stance Is Backed By The Word Of God, Nothing Can Shake It Because You Can Let The Guy Walk Away Rather Than Compromising Your Ethics Or Biblical Values.

A Guy That Has No Problems With Your Stand Against Pre-Marital But Has Problems With Your Stand Against Kissing Is Really Just Putting On A Pretense. Be Bold Enough To Tell Him That If He Cannot Do Without Kissing, He’s Free To Take A Walk Because Kissing Is Actually The Threshold Of Pre-Marital Sex.

Finally, Never Begin To Talk About Ethics When You’re Already In A Relationship – It Should Be Discussed “BEFORE” The Relationship Begins. Now, Go To God In Prayers About That Guy And Find Out If You’re Even In The Right Relationship. If You’re Not, Please Be Courageous Enough To Break It Off And Wait On God For The Right Time And The Right Man.

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