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Monday, July 15, 2013

Should You Pray About Marrying A Guy Who’s Taking His Time To Propose To You?

Hello Beloved, How Do You Deal With A Situation Whereby A Guy Goes To Your Church Elders And Tells Them That He Loves You But He Takes Time To Come To You. Should You Pray About It Waiting For Him To Show Up?

First Of All, As I Read Your Question, I Had To Wonder How You Got To Know He Told The Elders In Your Church That He Loves You #Smiles. But If One Of The Elders Told You, Then There’s Nothing Wrong In Praying About It While Waiting For Him To Show Up. Prayer Will Get You Prepared On How To Respond When He Does Finally Show Up.

Secondly, I Wondered What Could Be Keeping Him Or Why He’s Taking Time? Again, Maybe The
Elders Asked Him To Go And Pray More Till He’s Very Convinced You’re The One For Him. Which Ever One It May Be, I Will Advise You To Also Take This Time To Pray About Him So As To Know If He’s God’s Choice Of A Husband For You.

Finally, The Best Way To Deal With The Situation Is By Praying And Waiting In The Lord Because He Makes ALL Things Beautiful In His Own Time Not Ours. If The Guy Is Very Serious, He Will Surely Come After Taking His Time But You Still Need To Be Prepared So You Can Handle It In A Mature And Godly Way.

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