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Monday, July 29, 2013

Is It Possible For Two Lovers To Become Best Of Friends After A Break Up Or Is He Cheating On Me??

Hello Beloved, There Is This Issue That Is Bothering Me. My Guy Introduced A Lady To Me As His Ex Girl Friend And Said That Now The Girl Is Just His Friend & There Is Nothing Between Them, Yet The Way They Behave Toward Each Other Shows That They Still Have Love Relationship Going On. The One That Pains Me Most Is That Whenever The Lady Comes Around, I Will Feel Isolated Because They Always Discuss In Hausa Language Which I Don’t Understand. We Always Quarrel Because Of The Girl & He Said He Loves Me. So Why Can't He Protect Me From Things That Hurt Me? My Question Is This; Is It Possible For Two Lovers To Become Best Friends After A Break Up Or Is He Cheating On Me? And What Is The Way Out Of This?

My Dear, I Don’t Quite Buy The Idea Of Introducing An Ex-Girlfriend As A Friend To Your Current Girlfriend Or Fiancée As Your Case Is. It Is Bound To Create Jealousy In Your Heart And A Friction Between You And His Ex-Girlfriend. The Way They Behave Towards Each Other Cannot Be Just Placid And It Is Not Surprising Because Something Has Existed Between Them Before.
With These Kinds Of Issues Coming Out Of Your Courtship, Let Me Ask You Again; Is
God In Support Of Your Relationship? Did He Give You A Go-Ahead Before You Accepted That Guy’s Proposal? Is He Genuinely Born-Again? I Ask These Questions Because Most Times, God Uses Situations Like These To Show Us That He Is Not In Support Of What We’re Doing.

A Guy Who’s Genuinely Born Again Will Never Bring An Ex-Girlfriend To His House And Discuss In A Strange Language With Her In The Presence Of His Fiancée. True Love Considers The Needs Of Others Above Itself And Will Never Consciously Hurt The One It Professes To Love. I Don’t Believe It’s Possible For Ex-Lovers To Become Best Of Friends. Friends They Can Later Become But Best Of Friends To The Exclusion Of His Fiancée? No Way!

Finally, Whether He’s Cheating On You Or Not Is Not The Problem. I Say This So That You Don’t Go Fighting For What The Lord Has Not Given You. The Only Way Out Of It Is Through Prayers. Go Again Before God And Sincerely Ask Him If You’re In The Right Relationship. He Will Answer You By His Grace So That You Will Know The Next Step To Take.


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