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Monday, July 22, 2013

How Do I Forget About Him??

Dear Beloved, Am A Guy, And I Have A Friend – He Is A Guy Too. I Stopped Going To His House Over A Month And More Ago, And This Was Because I Was Lusting Over His Younger Sister, But I Don’t Know What Is His Problem – His Family Used To Go To Native Doctors, False Prophets And Seers. One Day This Guy Began To Tell Me That, "Why Have I Done This Kind Of A Thing To Him'', And Am Confused At His Words When He Left, I Kept Asking Him What He Meant And He Refused Telling Me But Kept Saying That I Should Do Myself Good And Confess, And I Guess He Must Have Gone To One Of Their Family Fake Prophets And Seers Who Has Told Him Something Strange. Now All I Need Is Advice On What To Do, Cause Am Totally Confused And Whenever I Remember Him, I Feel Like Am Empty, Please I Want To Forget About Him But Its Seems To Be Difficult, And The Worst Part Is That He Has Stopped Coming To My House And Never Cared To Call Me Again. Please Beloved All I Need Is Just On How I Will 4get About Him.
My Dear, Your Question Is Not Very Clear But I Will Give You A General Advise Which I Believe Will Help You Overcome Whatever It Is That Might Be The Problem Weighing On Your Mind. First Of All, Running From A Weakness Is Never The Way To Defeat It Except In Fornication Where The Bible Advised Us To Flee.
Your Decision To Stop Visiting Your Friend Because You’re Lusting Over His Younger Sister Might Seem Like The Solution But It’s Really Not The End. If The Spirit Of Lust Is Not Dealt With In Your Life, You’ll
Still Continue To Lust After Other Ladies But If You Allow God To Do His Work In Your Life, Lust Will Be Uprooted From Your Life.

Have You Been Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb? Are You Born Again? Having A Friend Who Visits Native Doctors, False Prophets And Seers Shows A Yoking With An Unbeliever But The Scriptures Warns That We Should Not Be Unequally Yoked With Unbelievers Because There’s No Relationship Between Light And Darkness.

Finally, Once You Give Your Life To God, Your Mind Will Be Filled With The Things Of God Because You’ll Become Heavenly-Minded And You’ll Forget All About Him In No Time. Do Not Fear His Native Doctors And Seers Because Once You Become Genuinely Born-Again, He That Will Be In You Will Become Greater Than He That Is In All Of Them.

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