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Monday, July 01, 2013

I’m Having Serious Problems With My Life. Please Help Me With Your Advice..

Dear Beloved, I Am A Young Guy And Am 18, But I Am Having A Serious Problem With My Life. I Want You To Help Me With Your Advice, Although I Am A Christian But I Want To Know How One Will Know That God Wants You To Go Into A Relationship With Some Body And I Don’t Know How To Stop Masturbation. I Have Tried To Stop But..

My Dear Brother, Can I Be Very Honest With You By Telling You That Just Being A Christian Who Attends Church Will Not Solve Your Problem? It Is Christ In You That Is Your Hope Of Glory And The Hope Of Overcoming Your Challenges Because You’re Victorious In Him. So I Will Plead With You To Completely Surrender Your Life To God And Become Born Again.
Becoming Born Again Does Not Mean You’ll No Longer Have Issues That Challenge Your Faith BUT The
Holy Spirit At Work In You Helps You To See Them As Momentary Challenges That Will Further Strengthen You And Prepare You For The Higher And Eternal Glory Ahead. Become A New Creation In Christ Jesus First And You’ll See The Sudden Change In How You See Problems And Challenges In Your Life.

As For Knowing When God Wants You To Go Into A Relationship, That One Is Quite Easy Once You’re In Him And Hears From Him. At The Right Time And Age, He Will Surely Bring The Right Lady Along Your Path Or Lead You To Her But Take Note That It Is At His Own Time And Not Yours. Just Continually Seek Him First, His Kingdom And Righteousness Then All Things – Even The Right Lady – Shall Be Added Unto You.

Finally, Masturbation Has A Spirit And Takes Only The Spirit Of God In You To Cast Away That Negative Spirit. As You Become Born Again And Stop Visiting Sites Or Watching Movies That Excite Your Sexual Senses, The Holy Spirit Will Surely Help You To Overcome It. Also Seek To Renew/Transform Your Mind Daily In The Word Of God And Refuse To Conform To The Patterns Of This World And By The Grace And Mercies Of God, You’ll Surely Overcome All These Challenges.

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