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Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Are The Benefits Of A Christian Relationship??

Dear Beloved, Is It Wrong To Tell A Girl That You Love Her? Secondly, Is It Wrong To Go Into A Relationship With A Girl That Is Older Than You And Lastly, What Are The Benefits Of A Christian Relationship?

To Answer Your First Question, It Is Not Wrong To Tell A Lady That You Love Her Because God Is Love And He Instructs Us To Love Our Neighbours As Ourselves. But If You’re Talking About Sexual Love, Then It Is Very Wrong. Ladies Have Tender Hearts So You Should Be Mindful Of The Kind Of Words You Speak To Them. Your Words Should Always Edify.

For Your Second Question, It Is Not Wrong To Go Into A Relationship With A Lady That Is Older Than You As Far As You’re Very Sure You’re Working Under
God’s Instruction And Not After The Lady’s Bank Account. True Love From God Does Not Know Age So The Issue Of Age In Having A Godly Relationship Should Not Be A Cause For Worry.

Finally, For Your Third And Last Question, Some Of The Benefits Of A ‘TRUE’ Christian Relationship Are; (A) Both Parties In That Relationship Have God Solidly Behind Them Therefore The Fear Of Cheating On Each Other Is Firmly Eliminated. (B) Both Parties Are Free From The Fear Of Contacting Sexually Transmitted Diseases Or Unwanted Pregnancies ‘Cos They Don’t Engage In Pre-Marital Sex.

(C) In A ‘True’ Christian Relationship, Beatings, Abuses And Fights Are Greatly Reduced ‘Cos Both Parties Are Seeking To Please God First Of All And Do Everything That Glorifies His Name. (D) Selfishness, Bitterness, Envy, Keeping Record Of Sins, Etc Cannot Be Found In A True Christian Relationship.


  1. I think the best thing is, as a Christian you are following God's word, to be "equally yoked"- truly only a person who has their life to Christ can relate to someone who has done the same" how can two walk together unless they agree". It doesn't matter how good or nice the person is, if they are not saved, they cannot understand your walk- the carnal man does not understand the things of the Spirit- they are foolishness to him- so be equally yoked with who you want to be with- follow God's word, no matter how tempted you are to do the opposite.

    1. Thanks so much Adamwitheve for the additional insight. God bless you.. :)


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