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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is Having Sexual Desire Wrong??

Dear Beloved, From Your Advice To My Last Question, You Sounded Like Even Having The Desire For Sex Is Wrong And As I Fall Into The Sin Of Fornication, My Being Born Again Is Questionable. On That Note, I Will Like To Know How A Person Can Be Born Again.

It Is Not Wrong To Have The Desire For Sex Because It Is God-Created But The Bible Warns Us To Flee Fornication, Not Resist It. If We Keep Giving Excuses To Our Sin Or Keep Repeating A Particular Sin, It Shows That We've Not Truly Been Born Again Because 1 John 3:9 Says That "No One Who Is Born Of God Will Continue To Sin Because God's Seed Remains In Him; He Cannot Go On Sinning, Because He Has Been Born Of God."

Many Christians Claim That They Are Born Again But The Way They Easily
Fall In And Out Of Sin Is Amazing - That Was The State Of My Former Or Past Life - But When I Genuinely Became Born Again, Everything Changed And I Knew For Sure That It’s Possible To Live A Life Above Sin Because God's Seed Is Now In Me.

That Is Not To Say I Cannot Fall But It Means I Will Never Ever Make A Habit Of Sin Or Find Myself Committing One Sin Again And Again. There's No Special Way Of Becoming Born Again. What God Is Looking For Is An "Honestly Seeking Soul". Most Of Us Say We Are Seeking God But Are Really Not Honest About It Forgetting That God Really Sees Our Hearts.

And That Was Why He Said In Jer. 29:13 That "You Will Seek Me And Find Me When You Seek Me With All Your Heart" Just Go To Him With All Your Heart, Confess Your Sins To Him, Ask For His Forgiveness And Cleansing Power And I Know He Will Reach Out To You (1Jn1:9).

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