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Monday, March 18, 2013

REAL LOV‘E’ (8)… {Not Being An egotist}..

 Being An Egotist Means Being Self-Centered And You Can Never Claim To Know What Real Love Is If You’re So Full Of Yourself. Pride Kills Any Relationship Because It Is Not Of God – He Resist The Proud But Gives Grace To The Humble. Are Your Status And Achievements In Life Swelling Your Head? Love And Self-Centeredness Can Never Go Together!
The Problem Of Overblown Ego Is Not Only For The Guys But Also For Ladies Too! My Sister, Are You Carried Away By Your
Shape, Height And Beauty Thereby Thinking That You Can Easily Have Any Man You Want? You’re So Far From Knowing What Real Love Is! Is Your Love Truly For Real?

Real Love Is Humility Personified! If Christ Did Not Consider His Equality To God As Something To Be Grasped But Made Himself Nothing, Humbling Himself As Man To Die For Our Sins, Then Who Are You To Think You’re Something When You’re Mere Dust! Remember, Your Attitude Should Be The Same As That Of Christ Jesus.

So Have You Had A Personal Encounter With The Author Of Love (God)? You Cannot Give What You Don’t Have! If You’re Not Yet Born Again But An Ordinary Church-Goer, Suspend Whatever Relationship You May Be In And Surrender Your Life To God First.

Prov.11:2 – “When Pride Comes, Then Comes Disgrace, But With Humility Comes Wisdom.”
Prov.13:10 – “Pride Only Breeds Quarrel But Wisdom Is Found In Those Who Take Advice.”
John 3:3 – “In Reply Jesus Declared, ‘I Tell You The Truth, No One Can See The Kingdom Of God Unless He Is Born Again.”

The End…

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