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Monday, March 11, 2013

REAL LO‘V’E (7)… {Not Being Violent}..

Most Guys Are So Violent And They Hide Behind The Excuse That “It’s Just The Way I Am”. That Is A Big Lie Because Nobody Is Born Violent. The Same Way You Learned It Should Be Taken To Unlearn It! Are You A Lady Who Breaks Things When You’re Angry? That’s Being Violent And This Vice Should Not Be Found In God’s Children.
You Cannot Say You Know What Real Love Is When All You Do In Your Relationship Is The
Vicious Circle Of Quarrel, Fight And Settle. That Is Not Godly In Any Way Because We Are Advised In The Scripture Not To Quarrel But Rather To Be Peace-Makers. Is Your Love For Real ‘Cos Real Love Is Patient And Bears The Weakness Of Others.

My Brothers, Do You Beat, Abuse Or Even Rape Your Partner And Give Her The Excuse That You Couldn’t Control Yourself But You Still Love Her And Needs Her Forgiveness? For How Long Will You Learn To Control Yourself? Jesus Never Raised His Hand Against A Woman So I Wonder Who You Learnt That From!

So Have You Had A Personal Encounter With The Author Of Love (God)? You Cannot Give What You Don’t Have! If You’re Not Yet Born Again But An Ordinary Church-Goer, Suspend Whatever Relationship You May Be In And Surrender Your Life To God First.

1Tim.3:3 – “not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money.”
John 3:3 – “In Reply Jesus Declared, ‘I Tell You The Truth, No One Can See The Kingdom Of God Unless He Is Born Again.”

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