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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Scriptural Verses For Old And Young Couples..

Dear Beloved, Can I Please Ask For Some Bible Verses That Suits Couples; Newly And Old Couples.

Here Are Some Scriptural Verses For Both Old And Young Couples:

Gen. 2:24&25 – “For This Reason, A Man Will Leave His Father And Mother And Be United To His Wife, And They Will Become One Flesh. The Man And His Wife Were Both Naked, And They Felt No Shame.” This Means That A Man Should Never Make The Mistake Of Putting His Parents – Especially His Mother – Above His Wife And Both Couples Should Not Keep Any Secrets From Each Other.

Amos 3:3 – “Do Two Walk Together Unless They Have Agreed To Do So?” This Means That Both Couples Must Strive To Agree On Most Issues So As To Avoid Unnecessary Arguments And Quarrels.

Malachi 2:16a – “I Hate Divorce, Says The Lord God Of Israel...” This Means That Both Couples Must Remove Any
Thought Of Separation Or Divorce From Their Minds. They Must Seek To Resolve All Issues Amicably.

1 Cor.7:3&4 – “The Husband Should Fulfill His Marital Duty To His Wife, And Likewise The Wife To Her Husband. The Wife’s Body Does Not Belong To Her Alone But Also To Her Husband. In The Same Way, The Husband’s Body Does Not Belong To Him Alone But Also To His Wife.” This Means That For No Reason Whatsoever Should The Wife Or Husband Reject Sexual Advances From The Other Except By Mutual Consent.

Eph.4:26&27 – “In Your Anger, Do Not Sin. Do Not Let The Sun Go Down While You Are Still Angry And Do Not Give The Devil A Foothold.” This Means That In A Marriage, Issues Might Make One Or Both Of The Couples Angry But The Anger Must Never Remain Till The Next Morning ‘Cos The Devil Is Always Waiting To Strike/Attack.

Also Read Up These Ones – Eph.5:22-33, Matt.19:1-12, Mal.2:13-16, Songs Of Songs 8:6-7, 1 Cor.7:1-6,10-16,&39, 1 Tim.5:8, Prov.14:1,21:19,&31:10-31.


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