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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Find Myself Falling Into The Same Sin Again And Again. I Need Help Please..

Dear Beloved, I Have Had Awful Relationships. I’ve Fallen And Risen So Many Times And I’m So Tired Of Finding Myself Committing The Same Sin Again And Again. I Need Help Please.

I’m Very Happy To Inform You That You Will Surely Receive Help If You Will Seek It In Christ Jesus. From Your Words, I Can Say You’ve Really Had A Hard And Sad Experience In Your Quest For True Love. But The Truth Is That True Love Can Only Be Found In Christ Jesus Because He Is Our First Love. Only When We Are Secure In God’s Love Can We Have Good Relationships.

As I Ponder On Your Committing The Same Sin Again And Again, The Words Of Apostle Paul In Romans 7:21-25a Which Says “It Happens So
Regularly That It’s Predictable. The Moment I Decide To Do Good, Sin Is There To Trip Me Up. I Truly Delight In God’s Commands, But It’s Pretty Obvious That Not All Of Me Joins In That Delight..
..Parts Of Me Covertly Rebel, And Just When I Least Expect It, They Take Charge. I’ve Tried Everything And Nothing Helps. I’m At The End Of My Rope. Is There No One Who Can Do Anything For Me? Isn’t That The Real Question? The Answer, Thank God, Is That Jesus Christ Can And Does.” Does This Sound Like The Way You Really Feel?

The Only Way Out Of That Continuous Sinful Lifestyle Is By Becoming Genuinely Born Again In Christ Jesus. Accept Him As Not Just Your Saviour But Your Lord As Well And Things Will Begin To Change For Good In Your Life Because The Holy Spirit Would Now Be In Control To Direct All Your Affairs Including Your Relationships.

Finally, When You Become A New Creation In Christ Jesus, You’ll Re-Discover Your Self-Worth In Him And Will No Longer Want To Please Every Man That Comes Your Way By Sleeping With Them Because You’ll Be Satisfied In Christ Till He Brings Your Husband For You. Shalom.

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