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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Have Never Been Into A Relationship. Is Anything Wrong With Me?

Dear Beloved, I’m A Lady In My Final Year And Have Never Been Into Any Relationship Though People (Friends And Families) Are Asking Questions. I Don't Feel The Need For One At Least Not Now. Do You Think Something Is Wrong With Me?

My Dear, Knowing Your Age Would Have Been Of Great Help In Knowing If Something Maybe Wrong With You Or Not. Most People In Their Final Year And Fresh Graduates From The University – Especially If They’re Still Very Young – Ought To Build Their Lives FIRST Before Engaging In Relationships That Will Lead To Marriage.

So If You’re In Your Early Twenties And Don’t Feel The Need Or Desire For A Relationship, I’ll Say Nothing Is Wrong With You. If You’re In Your Mid Twenties, I’ll Be
Wondering Why You Don’t Feel Any Need For A Relationship And Might Take It To Be That You’re Just Being Cautious But If You’re In Your Late Twenties And Still Feel No Need Or Desire For A Relationship, Then Something Is Obviously Wrong Somewhere And I’ll Advice You To Really Take Out Time To Pray And Know The Cause Of The Lack Of Desire.

When I Was In My Final Year; Just Like You Do Now, I Felt No Need Or Great Desire To Fully Commit To A Relationship And Get Married ‘Cos I Felt It Was Too Stressful And I Needed My Peace And Time To Sort Out My Life But As I Advanced In Years, The Desire For The Right Relationship Built Steadily Till God In His Mercy Revealed My Husband-To-Be To Me.
So Check Yourself And Make Sure That There’s No Psychological Aversion To Men That Causes The Lack Of Desire For A Relationship And If There’s None, Then Pray About It. When You Pray And God Tells You To Wait, Then Just Relax And Wait On Him And At The Right Time, He’ll Put The Desire In You And Also Reveal Your Husband-To-Be To You.

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