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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Words Of Wisdom On Marriage..

Enter into marriage with courage – but with caution.
Take time to do- that which time cannot undo
Think well before you tie-what you cannot untie

Wedlock is a padlock
A padlock is a very useful thing to preserve treasure
But it is terrible to be locked into a marriage much disliked

Tarry, tarry, tarry! Think again before you marry
One might push this tarry too far, but with seldom meet
with such a case.
Most rush into matrimony-like a dog at a piece of meat.
Today married-tomorrow harried!

The frogs in Aesop’s fable were extremely wise:
They greatly needed some water, but they would not leap
into the well
Because they knew they could not get out again.

He who marries a simpleton-is a simpleton!
He did not use sufficient discretion and discernment.
However, simpleton or no simpleton-he’s in for it for life,
And must bear the consequences.

One who marries for beauty alone is as foolish as the man
who ate a bird because it sang so sweetly.
Don’t be fooled by pretty face; look for character and grace.
Blessed is the one who can say, after many years: “I did
Commit no act of folly when I married my sweet molly.”

May God help you to be wise!
Remain richly blessed..

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