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Monday, April 04, 2011

She's Taking My Love And I For Granted..

Hi AskBeloved, I'm in love with a girl I want 2 marry...things were movin fine until recently, she can't visit me anymore & can't allow me visit her in her house again. It's giving me a cause for worry cuz may be she noticed my lov 4 her is growin stronger, and so she now begin 2 take me for granted even on phone calls. What should I do?

Nonso, thanks for your question. My advice is that you should call her and ask her to see you(if you reside in the same town/city with her) so you can have a good talk with her to know what’s bothering her. I’m saying this because “communication” matters a lot in any relationship and sometimes, our minds do not tell us the right things. Your feelings may not be correct so call her and ask her to see you so that this matter will be settled between you guys.

Any relationship without effective communication is bound to fail. If you truly love this girl like you said, then don't give up on her yet or feel she’s taking you for granted because she maybe passing through a phase in her life and needs your understanding.

When you try all these and there seems to be no head-way, then you’ll have to hand it over to God because anything that appears above and beyons us is subject to God’s Authority. Commit her to God and ask Him to take control of the whole situation and that if she's hiding anything from you, He should bring it to light.

Then, you’ll now have to trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Ask the Lord to reveal to you, with this situation, if she's really the right person for you because she may or may not be the right person for you. When you do this, then, wait patiently for God to work all things out for your own good.

I truly understand your hurt and confusion but God understands you more and He's waiting to hear you tell Him everything.

Remain richly blessed.


  1. This is a lovely answer! Thanks for sharing.

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