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Monday, April 25, 2011

Can Someone Mistakenly Marry His/Her Relation?

I have always asked this question whenever the issue of incest arises. Who determines how far removed from your bloodline a person has to be before you can marry them? What if, for some twist of fate or another, two strangers meet and grow to love themselves only to discover that they are second cousins? Considering that we all are from the same parentage (Adam and Eve), from what geneological divide is marriage "allowed" and how is it determined?

Thanks Maxyclass for visiting my blog. I can only answer your question to the best of my ability because it’s a bit ‘mind-boggling’. When it comes to who determines how far removed from your bloodline a person has to be before you can marry them, I believe it is the responsibility of your kins-men.

In my area, there’s a limit to who one marries and it is the parents’ responsibility to pass on these ‘off-limits’ to their children on time and they also check the bloodline of any potential suitor to make sure they’re not related before they can give the go-ahead.

In your second question, the way to avoid such from happening is by being inquisitive from the first day. The person’s state of origin and town/village should have a link to either of your parents’ town/village. But when the tracing becomes so blurred at the beginning of that relationship, the Holy Spirit in you sounds the alarm if you’re in tune with Him.

Then coming to your last question, I can only say that it is still the responsibility of your kins-men in the village and they themselves know how it is determined but I also believe that most of them can freely share the information on how it is determined with you.

Finally, in all, I strongly believe the Holy Spirit knows best and can also help check us when we want to make any mistake by unknowingly dating or falling in love with someone in our bloodline because He knows and sees what we do not know and might never see.

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  1. i think you took my question in the wrong context. lemme illustrate. it is known that the child of your father's brother is your cousin and we have been told that that is an "off-limits" zone. during the days of old, i believe Jacob married from his fathers kinsmen. she mustv been a "relation" of some sort. the question is not whether it happens mistakenly or not but who/what determines whethera certain "relation" iis too close in your bloodline to me married to considering that we all are "relations" from the same parents (adam and eve). we are all the same bloodline, in the real sense of the word.

  2. Your point is clearer now and all I can answer to that is that the person who determines whether certain relation is too close in your bloodline to be married to is God working in us through His Holy Spirit.

    He permitted those people of the old testament and He would be the only One to determine how far we go and how close we can get in relating intimately with anyone since He also knows we're all from the same parents(Adam and Eve).

    I say so because in the Bible, we also read some instructions God gave to the Israelites about who to and who not to marry.


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