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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Should One Do When His/Her Partner Always Listens To Third Parties??

Dear Beloved, In A Situation Where A Brother And A Sister In Christ Are In Love And They Both Claim To Love Each Other But Unfortunately One Out Of The Two Always React To What He/She Hears From 3rd Parties. What Should The Other Do?"


Listening To Third (3rd) Parties And Always Reacting To Whatever They Say Clearly Shows A Lack Of Trust In Your Relationship. Without Trust In A Relationship – Be It Approved By God Or Not, That Relationship Is Bound To Crash-Land Because Trust Is Like The Fuel That Enables A Car To Move Or The Wings That Enable A Bird To Soar – Without These Fuel And Wings, The Car Can’t Take-Off Neither Can The Bird Soar.

I’m Presently Doing
A Series Which I Publish Every “Tuesday” On The Acronym Of TRUST Which Is Seen As T-ruthful, R-eliable, U-nderstanding, S-elflessness And T-alk-about-everything (Don’t Miss It). If These Attributes Of Trust And Love Are Missing In Any Relationship, Problems Are Bound To Arise Between Both Partners.

The Only Thing The Other Can Do In Such Situation Is To Pray For Trust In His/Her Relationship Because True Love And Trust Moves Together – You Cannot Have One Without The Other. Once The Foundation Of Trust Is Laid, Listening To And Reacting To What 3rd Parties Are Saying Will Immediately Stop.

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