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Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings By Samson Ajilore (2)..


Sometimes Hormones Are Wild And The Feelings For Sex Is Like A Little Fire That Is Burning One Within, The Worst Part Of It Is That The Church Hardly Talks About It, Which Is One Of The Reasons Youths Are Getting Education From Secular Media. Burning Sexual Desires Come To Us Believers As Much As It Does To Unbelievers Because Being Born Again Doesn’t Kill Our Sexuality.

So The Difference Between A Believer And A Non Believer In This Aspect Isn’t That We
Don’t Have Sexual Feelings But Rather That We Have The Holy Spirit And Our Spirit Now Joined To Him Produces The Spiritual Fruit Of Self Control Which We Can Exercise To Keep Our Passions Under Control. (Gal. 5:22-23).

It Should Be Noted That What We Hear And See Also Affects Our Sexual Behaviors. For Example, It Will Be Abnormal To Have A Sexual Feeling Erupting While Worshipping In Church But Watching A Sexually Inspiring Scene On TV Or On A Printed Media Could Enhance Your Sex Drive. Listening To Secular Music Largely Affects Our Sexual Behaviors Since All Of Them Have Their Inspiration From The Devil (Notice That All Those Who Are Not Saved Are By Nature His Children (John 8:44; 1John3:10).

Unfortunately The Media Try To Sell Us What We Would Rather Not Buy. They Want To Entertain Us With Filth; And Perversion Is So Much Programmed That It Has Become Gradually And Firmly Introduced Into The News And Other Entertainments. When Those Filthy Flashes Gain Access Into Our Minds, They Lurk In One Of The Thousands Rooms Of Our Brain And Begin To Pollute Our Thinking Until They Get Flushed Out When We Combat Them With The Washing Of Water By The Word Of God(Eph.5:26).

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