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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

He Gets Angry With Me Whenever He’s ‘Broke’. What Should I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m Into A Relationship, My Guy Is God Fearing And We Love Each Other But Each Time There Is No Money (I Mean When He’s Broke), He Gets Angry And Shouts At Me And The Shouting Makes Me Feel Rejected. What Should I Do In This Kind Of Situation?

First Of All, Have You Told Him That His Anger Makes You Feel Rejected? I Always Stress On Effective Communication In Every Relationship Because Without Telling Him Your Feelings, He Might Never Know That He Hurts You Whenever He Shouts At You. Don’t Assume He Ought To Know, Tell Him.

Secondly, Anger Is A
Vice Not A Virtue And As Such, Should Not Be Found Or Seen In The Lives Of True Believers In Christ Jesus. I Wonder Why His Being Broke Should Get Him So Angry As To Vent His Frustrations On You By Shouting At You Or Could It Be That You Demand A Lot From Him? No Guy Enjoys A Woman Who’s Too Demanding.

Finally, What You Should Do In Such A Situation Is To Pray For God’s Grace And Wisdom To Say The Right Things That Will Calm Him Down. Also Pray To God To Help Him Uproot The Main Cause Of Anger In His Life Because Being Broke Is No Excuse For Shouting At You Or Making You Feel Rejected.

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