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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He’s Not Born-Again But I’m Madly In Love With Him. What Do I Do??

Dear Beloved, I Have Been Dating This Guy For Over 2 Years Now – With Break Ups And Make Ups. Lately We Were Close And I Thought He Was Going To Be The One But The Only Problem Which Was A Major Problem Was That He’s Not Born Again – He Doesn't Know The Lord. A Few Weeks Ago We Almost Had Sex But Stopped Because I Knew It Was Wrong. Ever Since, We Have Been Having Problems, And He Decided To Break Up With Me, I Don't Know What To Do Because I'm Still Madly In Love With Him.

I Liked The Way You Said “..But The Only Problem Which Was A Major Problem Was That He’s Not Born Again...” And Since You Knew That His Not Being Born-Again Was A Major Problem, Why Did You Begin The Relationship In The First Place When It Was Very Obvious That You’re Both Going In Different Directions?

I Also Take It That You’re
A Born-Again Child Of God Who Knows That We Are Warned In The Scriptures Not To Be Equally Yoked With An Unbeliever Yet I Saw You Playing With Fire And Thinking You’ll Not Be Burned. This Guy Almost Made You Have Pre-Marital Sex (Fornication) With Him And You’re Still Madly In Love With Him?

My Dear, I Would Ask You To Thank Your God That He Removed That Guy From Your Life. You Cannot Serve God And The Devil At The Same Time; And As A Child Of God, Your Body Belongs To The Holy Spirit And Should Not Be Given To Satan To Touch And Fondle As He Likes.

You May Be Hurting Now But Take Heart And Return To The Lord Your God Who’s Able To Do Exceedingly, Abundantly, More Than You Could Ever Expect Or Ask. He Will Get Rid Of That Mad Love For That Guy, Comfort You; And As You Wait On Him, He Would Also Bring The Right Man Into Your Life In His Own Perfect Time.

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  1. How many steps did you complete to receive the "free gift" of Salvation?

    Is this a "free" gift?

    I tell my child that I have an incredible gift for him. However, in order for the gift to be his, he must:

    1. apologize for his bad behavior and sincerely mean it.
    2. he must commit to change his ways and follow MY ways for the rest of his life.
    3. he must make a decision that he WANTS my gift.
    4. he must then approach me, hold out his hands, ask me for the gift, and cooperate with me, as I place the gift into his hands.

    If he does all this, he will receive his gift. But...if he chooses to reject my gift, I will damn him to HELL!

    Now is this "gift" really a gift...or a REWARD for making the right decision?

    No, that is NOT a gift.
    This is a gift: "Dear Son, I have a gift for you. Here it is. I love you more than words can describe", and then I place the gift in my son's lap. No strings attached. The gift is his. He did nothing to receive it. I did everything.

    THAT is a gift!

    So what is God's free gift? It is the whole salvation package: faith, belief, repentance, forgiveness of sins, atonement, and eternal life. It is ALL free... to those whom God has predestined, before the world existed, for reasons we do not know, to be his children.




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