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Monday, August 22, 2011

Ten Lies Of Pornography(6)..

A Woman's Value Depends On The Attractiveness Of Her Body:
This is an area that has eaten deep into our society today. Everybody – both male and female believe that if a lady is not tall, slim, sexy, shapely(perfectly rounded) and flaunts it, then she’s nothing but an object which can be considered as a second choice. Therefore, our markets are filled with all manner of lightening creams, spot-removers; anti-aging creams etc. and women are seriously patronizing them.
Less attractive women are ridiculed in porn. They are called dogs, whales, pigs or worse, simply because they don't fit into porn's criteria of the "perfect" woman. Porn doesn't care about
a woman's mind or personality, only her body. And most men have bought into this lie too. They day-dream about model-like ladies, fantasize about the size of breast, hips, waist, buttocks a lady has thereby placing so much value on them.
Some ladies go as far as performing cosmetic surgeries just to look more attractive and to attract more men in their lives but all these are vanity because our Lord Jesus asked “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul”? When we lose focus on God and worship our bodies instead of Him only, we can attract all men to ourselves and also end up attracting hell to ourselves too.
Our physical bodies are not eternal but our souls are, so we should focus MORE on preparing our souls for eternity than our bodies which will later turn to dust when we die as we surely must one day. We should learn to be content as we are because we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.
Remain richly blessed as I wish you the best of the week filled with God's love..

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