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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ten Lies Of Pornography(5)..

Good Sex Requires Super-Human Energy:

Porn makes you believe that sex requires endless energy and passion. In reality, the men and women portrayed in pornographic movies are constantly on hard drugs which give them the extra energy to perform endlessly.

Moreover, movies are made in cuts and joined at the end of the shoot but they make you believe in super-human power and if care is not taken, in marriage, you will tend to think less of your partner who’s only human and start cheating on him/her looking for the person will super-human energy.

This particular lie affects the men more than the ladies because they are expected to perform
tirelessly in bed and this has resulted in women leaving their relationships and marriages to look for younger and more muscular men believed to possess extra powers.

Porn subconsciously shifts sex from its original purpose of mutual pleasure and satisfaction as originally purposed by God to selfish pleasure and satisfaction without caring if your partner is also satisfied. This is also against the advice given to us in Phil.2:3b to consider others better than ourselves.

Men have to know and be proud of their God-given strengths instead of purchasing and relying on drugs for super-human strength. Also women ought to consider and appreciate the sexual strength of their husbands instead of getting themselves involved in extra-marital affairs(adultery).

Remain richly blessed as I wish you the best of the week filled with God's blessings..

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