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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Help! His Love Is Becoming Unbearable..

I love my fiancé but he doesn’t trust me. He always want things done his way even if it’s 2 my disadvantage. I’m not pleased by the way he treats me and the fact that he doesn’t want any1 around me apart 4rm himself. Even I’m forced 2 do away with some of my friends and it’s becoming unbearable. Please I need your advice.

Hi Emmy, your fiancé is trying to control your life and that is really not possible because we cannot control people as much as we try or want to do that. He has some trust issues to deal with and if he doesn’t deal with it, he can never trust you. The two people in every relationship deserve equal respect from each other.

He should not force you to give up your friends and people around you if he really respects you. He’s supposed to put your needs before his needs if
he truly loves you(Phil. 2:3b). Communication matters a lot in a relationship, so dear, please have a talk with him, tell him how you really feel, then listen to see how he responds.

Based on his response, you can give him time to change but if his response is not positive or if he doesn’t change with time, please don’t go ahead by marrying him because it is better to break a relationship and/or an engagement than to break a marriage as divorce is not an option for any child of God.

Thanks for sharing with us and remain richly blessed..

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