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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Marriage Proposals; Who's Do I Choose?

Hi AskBeloved, I have 2(two) guys that are asking my hand in marriage. One is copper and the other one has a laundry place but not educated & he is very serious. I am 29yrs & I am a graduate. Please which of them do you think is the right one?

Hi Gloria, I get your question and would honestly tell you that marriage is a serious business therefore I cannot just tell you that it is Mr. A or Mr. B. You can only make your decision after you must have prayed about it. Have you presented them before God because He alone knows the heart and thoughts of man?

Never be in a hurry to settle down so that you won't end up marrying the wrong person. Have you checked their characters? Are they born-again? Are YOU born-again? Any marriage without Christ as its firm foundation is bound to wobble and disintegrate.

It may be the copper and it may be the other one OR it may not even be any of them. Check your heart and seek God's leading in this major decision. I'll also be praying for you and I wish you all the best.

Remain richly blessed dear..

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