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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ten Errors Singles Waiting-On-God Make(6)..

Dismissing The Subject Of Unholy Dressing; Wearing Indecent, Skimpy and Half-clad Dressings:

Are you single, waiting and believing God for a marriage partner yet you expose the valuable and priceless parts of your body thinking they’ll attract guys/ladies faster? One thing you might not know is that any guy that approaches you or any lady that invites you over when you’re scantily dressed has only one thing in mind and that is SEX!! He/she might pretend for a while but his true purpose will reveal itself in time.

Some call it modern fashion but remember that we’re in the world but not of this world. Your divine assets are given to you by God and ought to be seen by your spouse/partner alone. You can dress real smart without having to go naked on the streets.

Unbelievers may dress as they like but you’re not permitted to do same because Christ dwells in you and dressing indecently only tells Him that you don’t trust Him enough to bring the right person for you but rather believe that you can do that better than Him.

Question: Do you believe that as a Christian single, some dress styles and cuts are off-limits for you?

Remain richly blessed..


  1. This present world is something else when it comes to the above topic...the only thing we shuld be praying for is that God should have His way in their lives...I thank God for his grace...

  2. Thanks for your contribution Dami. God will surely have His way in their lives in Jesus' name, amen..


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