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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ten Errors Singles Waiting-On-God Make(5)..

Being Ignorant Of The Mystery Of Marriage; Marriage to demonic spirits – having sex and babies in the dream:

One of the errors singles make is to ignore their dreams especially when they see themselves having sex with a man/woman and/or as someone’s wife/husband with children in the marine world.
This should never be ignored by any single believer as an ordinary dream because it is far from ordinary and have a spiritual and physical significance.

If/when you notice these seemingly un-real things in your dreams, present them immediately you wake up before God, pray seriously about them and break off such relationship/bond.
If you feel you’re not strong enough, you can go to your church and report the matter to your pastor who would know what to do in such circumstances.

Never ever ignore this fact because these marine spirits are very cruel and wicked and can prevent you from getting married or having children if you eventually get married.

Question: Have you ever seen and do you still see yourself having sex, marrying someone and having children with this person in a dream?

Remain richly blessed..

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