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Monday, May 09, 2011

Three Years And I Haven't Seen Her Face-to-Face..

Hi AskBeloved, my name is Dan and I’m in an unequal relationship where I love my girl more than she loves me. I have faithfully been in a dedicated long-distance relationship for 3years. The issue is that we’re yet to meet and when I tried getting close, due to one or two things, I was jilted. The lady has the opportunity to come close but she refused, giving one excuse or the other but the fact is that I’m used to this girl already cos its 3yrs now that I’m with her. The fact that she can’t come closer makes me feel she doesn’t love me. I think by being faithful to her all these while that I’m just making a fool of myself. Please I need your advice.

Thanks Dan for sharing your problem cos I believe that a problem shared is a problem half-solved. From the summary of your problem, I find it surprising and hard to believe that you’ve been in a relationship with someone for three (3) years and never met face-to-face with her.

Long-distance relationships are very hard and expensive to maintain and it also shakes one of the foundation of your relationship which is “TRUST”. Is it really possible to trust someone you’ve never seen but only hear from for 3years? Can you really be sure that she reciprocates your love?

My advice at this point is to give your lady a call requesting to go and pay her a visit so both of you could behold each other and talk about the way forward. You have to be very honest with her by telling her how you feel. If she refuses to allow you come to see her or keeps making excuses still, after hearing from you, then sorry to say this, but you’ll know for sure that you’ve really been making a fool of yourself.

I can also tell you that you’re not a fool by being faithful to her all these while because actually it’s not about her but about God. She might never know or even believe your faithfulness but God knows and will reward your faithfulness in His own time by bringing someone who’ll also be faithful to you “IF” this present relationship doesn’t work out.

Remain richly blessed dear as I wish you all the best..


  1. Sorry Dan before i can give any advise here i will like to ask you a question,which goes this way.............. Assuming this girl allow you to see her, and you discover she is not complete maybe blind,lame or anything, will you continue with her in the same love?

  2. Hmmm, that's a very good question to ask. I'll surely pass it to him or invite him over here to see it and answer it himself..

  3. Thanks for the answer to my question and the comments. To answer your question Abdron, she is not disabled and even if she is, I'll continue with the relationship.


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