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Thursday, August 29, 2013

THE ‘O’ IN RELATI‘O’NSHIP… {Only You Can Be Your Partner’s Better Half}

If All You Do In Your Courtship/Marriage Relationship Is Complain About Your Partner, Then I Wonder What You Came To Do In That Relationship! You’re There To Improve Your Partner’s Character By Helping Them Transform Their Weaknesses Into Strengths ‘Cos Only You Can Be Your Partner’s Better Half.
Does He/She Tell A Lot Of Lies? It’s On You To Gently Expose Them To The Truth In The Word Of God Which Says That Satan Is The Father Of All Lies {John8:44}
Is He/She Is Too Materialistic? It’s On You To Warn Them To Be On Guard Against All Covetousness For One’s Life Does Not Consist In The Abundance Of His/Her Possessions {Luke 12:15}

Does He/She Hate Working But Enjoys
Being Lazy? Make Them Understand That Lazy Hands Make A Man Poor But Diligent Hands Bring Wealth And That Diligent Hands Will Rule But Laziness Ends In Slave Labour {Prov.10:4, 12:24}

Is He/She Weak In Prayers And Bible Studies? Encourage Them And Let Them Know That We Must Work Out Our Salvation With Fear And Trembling {Phil.2:12}

Does He/She Love And Is Always Involved In Worldly Things, Gently Remind Them That A Friend Of The World Is An Enemy Of God ‘Cos The Love Of The Father Is Not In A World Lover {1Jn.2:15}

You Are In That Relationship To Make Them Better Than You Met Them Which Is Why You’re Their Better Half. If You Leave Them In That State Or Make Them Worse, Will Jesus Be Glorified Through You In That Relationship?

A Godly Courtship/Marriage Relationship Is Hard Work And Not For Babes And Sucklings. If You Can’t Improve Someone’s Life, Then Don’t Rush Into Any Relationship But Work On Yourself First Of All Because You Simply Cannot Give What You Don’t Have!

So Are You Very Sure You’re Ready For A Godly Relationship? ‘Cos You Will Not Only Tell Them But MUST LET THEM SEE IT IN YOUR LIFE TOO! After All, You Must Remove The Plank In Your Eyes First So As To See The Speck In Your Partner’s Eyes.

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