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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I’m Getting Impatient More Than Anything. Please Help!

Dear Beloved, I Always Hear God Telling Me What I Should And Not Do. I Heard His Voice Once Again I Think 3 Times By The Time I Met My Friend, Who Became Very Close With Me. He Told Me The First Time He Saw Me He Had A Desire To Know Me, Me On The Other Hand, I Heard A Voice Telling Me Something About This Guy But About That Time I Had Just Recently Lost My Sister And Separated From My Ex Boyfriend. 
So I Was Going Through Emotional Pain And Didn't Really Want To Listen To What The Voice Was Saying. But As Time Went By, Myself And The Guy Became Very Close And I Noticed He Likes Me A Lot. I Then Asked Him As I Was Trying To Avoid Confusions And Further Hurts. He Told Me He Was Taking His Time To Get To Know And Trust Me, And That He Was Waiting For That Time He Can Completely Trust Me. 
I Broke All Communications With Him As It’s Very Hard To Stay Friends With Him While Having Feelings For Him. He Told Me He's Not Yet Ready For A Relationship As He Had Been Hurt Terribly In The Past. The Thing Is Whenever He Sees Me He Talks And Talks To Me So Much, And Happily So That I End Up Being Very Confused As To “Is He Really The One Or What?” Considering The Voice That I Brushed Off Due To The Pain I Was Feeling At That Time. 
He Makes Me Very Happy And Has Made It Very Clear That He's Very Comfortable Around Me. Could He Be The One? How Would I Know The Voice Was Of God This Time And Isn't The Same Desire He Had To Know Me Before Even Saying A Word To Me A Way Of God Talking To His Heart? I Think I'm Getting Impatient More Than Anything.
My Dear, The Danger Lies In Being Impatient. Waiting On God Is Tasking But He Freely Gives Us The Grace If Only We Will Ask Him Because In The Long Run, We Are The Ones Who'll Benefit From His Timing For Us. Remember, God Has Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time (Eccl.3:11a). If We Choose Not To Wait And Run Ahead Of Him, Then We’ll Be Ready To Face The Consequences Ourselves.

When You Were Passing Through The Emotional Pain Of Losing Your Sister, I Got From Your Writing That He Was
There For You Which Was Why You Became Close To Him As Time Went By. Now That He's Taking His Time, Try To Be There For Him Too As His Friend.

If He's Waiting To Fully Know And Trust You Before Committing Himself In A Relationship With Him, Please Give Him The Time And Space He Needs Because Like You Said, He’s Recovering From A Hurtful Past Relationship And Is Just Trying To Be More Careful. I Don't Think Remaining His Friend Is That Bad?

Since You Do Hear From God, Go Back Again To Him For Confirmation About Your Friend. God Can Speak To A Man About A Lady And Put The Desire In Him But It Still Depends On The Man To Do What The Holy Spirit Is Asking Him To Do. On A Final Note Dear, I'll Advise You Not To Give Up Because Blessed Are All Who Wait For God! (Isa.30:18)

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