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Monday, August 05, 2013

I’m Afraid! On What Grounds Can A Woman Curse A Man Or Are Such Curses Potent??

Beloved, Greetings IJN... I'm In A Relationship That Is One {1} Year & Still Running. We Love Each Other & Have Hopes Of Settling Down Together In The Nearest Future, The Problem Now Is That We Don’t Trust Each Other, We Lack Understanding, We're Both Hot Tempered, She's Really Not Caring, Can Hardly Understand My Moods & Doesn’t Know How To Touch My Heart Etc. My Major Problem Now Is That As A Result Of Our Incompatibility Which Was Not There From The Beginning Even Though We've Tried Working Things Out For Some Time Now Yet It Keeps Getting Worse. I've Thought About Breaking Up The Relationship But She Warned Me That If I Dare It That I'll Regret My Actions {Meaning She'll Curse Me}. Mind You, She Told Me She Cursed The Men From Her Past Relationships. Now Am Afraid & I Want To Ask On What Grounds Can A Woman Curse A Man Or Are Such Curses Potent? Please I'll Really Appreciate Your Help On This Issue. Thanks & God Bless.

Greetings To You Too My Brother And In Answering Your Question, I Will Be Very Sincere With You And Tell You That If You Are Not In Christ Jesus, Then You Have A Good Reason To Be Afraid Because Only Christ Can Give You The Best Protection You Can Ever Hope Or Pray For. So My Questions First Of All Are These; Are You Genuinely Born Again? Does God Know You As His Bonafide Son? Is Your Name Written In The Book Of Life?

If Your Answer To These Questions Are A Very Sure YES, Then There’s
No Cause To Be Afraid Because He That Is In You Is Greater Than He That Is In Her. BUT If Your Answer Is NO Or NOT SURE, Then Run To The Rock That Is Higher Than You(God) Now, Submit To Him And Quit That Relationship Because For The Lady To Threaten You With Placing A Curse On You Shows It’s An Ungodly Relationship.
But Permit Me To Ask; Why Didn’t You Seek God’s Face First Before Entering This Relationship? What Manner Of Love Is Sustained With The Threat Of A Curse? Is That Love Or Lust? True Love Is Never Possessive; Rather It Is Lust That Is Very Possessive Because It Wants To Keep The Other Party At All Costs. Now, You Can See That Seeking God’s Consent FIRST Would Have Saved You From This Predicament.

I Want To Assure You That If You Truly Seek God’s Face Even At A Time Like This, He Will Still Come To Your Rescue Because He Came To Earth That You Will Be Redeemed From Every Curse Of The Law. He Took All Our Curses And Hung Them On The Cross As He Died For Our Sins So That You Might Be Free In Him. Quickly Go To Him Now And Genuinely Accept Him As Your Lord And Saviour. Then Boldly Quit That Relationship And No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper!



  1. Truely, love does not threaten but supports; love is not selfish but generous; love does not create chaos but seeks peace; and Love is God for God is Love.

    1. Thanks my brother.. True love does not curse too..


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