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Monday, August 12, 2013

Please Throw More Light On These Questions: Is Using Earring And Wedding Ring A Sin? Can A Christian Eat Any Food? What’s The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring?

 Dear Beloved, Here Are Some Questions That Came Out From Your Last Week’s Answer To The Issue Of Using Attachments And Fixing Of Hairs That I Would Want You To Throw More Light On. The Questions Are: Explain The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring? Can A Christian Eat Any Food? Is Using Earring And Wedding Ring A Sin? 
My Dear Brother, As I Saw And Read Your Questions, I Received A Warning From The Holy Spirit Not To Enter Into Matters Or Arguments{Eph.2:23-24} That Will Draw Away The Gospel Of Christ Which Has The Power To Save In Both Relationships And In Our Lives. So I Will Answer Your Question Based On The Direct Leadings Of The Holy Spirit.

For Your First Question, I Will Say That It Is Of No Use To Start Seeking The Origin And Purpose Of Using Earring Because First And Foremost, That Is Not What God Is Looking For In A Man. He Is Looking For A Man/Woman Who Is Ready To
Lay Down His/Her All On His Alter So That He Can Remove The Heart Of Stone And Exchange It For The Heart Of Flesh{Ezek.36:26-29a}. So The Question God Is Asking Is This: HAVE I PERFORMED A HEART SURGERY ON YOU??

For Your Second Question, All The Answers You’ll Need On A Christian Being Able To Eat Any Food Will Be Found In Romans 14:1-23 But I Will Quote Verses 20-21 Here. It Says “Do Not Destroy The Work Of God For The Sake Of Food. All Food Is Clean, But It Is Wrong For A Man To Eat Anything That Causes Someone Else To Stumble. It Is Better Not To Eat Meat Or Drink Wine Or To Do Anything Else That Will Cause Your Brother To Fall.”

I Will Also Quote Two Scriptures From The Books Of 1Cor.6:13a Which Says That “Food For The Stomach And The Stomach For Food – But God Will Destroy Them Both” And Phil.3:18-19 Which Says That “…Many Live As Enemies Of The Cross Of Christ. Their Destiny Is Destruction, Their God Is Their Stomach, And Their Glory Is In Their Shame. Their Mind Is On Earthly Things.”

And For Your Last Question On The Use Of Earring And Wedding Ring, I Will Say That The Bible Did Not Call It A Sin But It Calls Anything That Is Done To Please Self Rather Than God A Sin Because God Will Never Share His Glory With Anyone. So It Depends On The Person And As The Spirit Leads Him/Her. The Issue Of Using Wedding Ring MUST Be Agreed Upon By The Two Partners And Not One.

Finally, Let Us Not Major On The Minor Issues Of Christianity While Calling Minor The Major Issue Of Christianity Which Is The Issue Of Giving One’s Life To The Lordship Of Christ Jesus. When A Person Accepts Christ And The Holy Spirit Begins To Live In Him/Her. Then, The Holy Spirit Will Remove Anything/Obstacle – Trousers, Earrings, Make-Ups, Smoking, Alcohol, Listening To And Watching Worldly Music And Films, Etc. –  That Will Hinder That Person From Making Heaven.

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