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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

When Is It Wrong To Be A Friend To A Married Woman??

Dear Beloved, When Is It Wrong To Be A Friend To A Married Woman? I'm Not Ready For Any Relationship So I'm Always Careful To Make Friends With Single Or Young Ladies So That They Will Not Be Thinking About A Relationship. Though I’ve Never Spoken With Her Husband, She Does Visit Me At Home And I Visit Her In Her Office. We Speak A Lot On Phone But Recently, I Told Her Not To Call Me Whenever She’s With Her Husband To Respect Him.
My Dear, There’s Nothing Wrong In Being A Friend To A Married Woman BUT Some Boundaries MUST Never Be Exceeded. As A Single Brother Who’s A Born Again Child Of God, You Should Never Allow A Married Woman To Visit You At Home Alone Because The Bible Warns Us In 1 Thess.5:22 To “Abstain From All Appearance Of Evil.”

Even Though Your Conscience Is Free But People Around You Might Begin To
Wonder What Goes On Between You Two When That Married Lady Pays You A Visit. That’s Why The Bible Used The Word “Appearance”. Don’t Get Involved In Anything That Will Give People The Chance To Suspect Evil About Your Actions No Matter How Godly They May Seem.

Visiting Her In The Office Is Not Bad At All But Telling Her Not To Call You Whenever She’s With Her Husband Out Of Respect For Him Is Not Right. Remember, They Are No Longer Two But One So If She Must Have You As A Friend, The Husband Must Also Know You As Her Friend. If She’s Not Comfortable Calling You Before Her Husband With The Speaker On, Then She Should Not Call You At All.

Finally, Put Yourself In Her Husband’s Shoe And Think Of How You Would Feel To Find Out That Your Wife Visits A Single Man In His Home Alone. Again I Say, Let There Be Boundaries If You Want To Be Friends With A Married Woman Or Better Still, Befriend Both Couples And Become A Known Family Friend. #BetterToBefriendACoupleThanOneOfThem#

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