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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Biblical Perspective Of What A Lady Should Put On..

 Hi Beloved, Can You Please Explain To Me The Biblical Perspective Of What A Lady Should Put On?
My Dear, One Of The Biblical Perspectives On The Issue Of What One Should Put On Regardless Of Sex Can Be Found In 1 Cor.6:19-20 Which Says “Do You Not Know That Your Body Is A Temple Of The Holy Spirit, Who Is In You, Whom You Have Received From God? You Are Not Your Own; You Were Bought At A Price. Therefore Honour God With Your Body”
Secondly, 1 Peter 3:3-4 Says That “Your Beauty Should Not Come From Outward Adornment, Such As Braided Hair And The Wearing Of
Gold Jewelry And Fine Clothes. Instead, It Should Be That Of Your Inner Self, The Unfading Beauty Of A Gentle And Quiet Spirit, Which Is Of Great Worth In God’s Sight.” When A Lady Puts On Christ First, Her External Clothing Will Reveal That Fact.

Job 29:14a Says “I Put On Righteousness As My Clothing.” Rom.13:14 Says “Rather Clothe Yourselves With The Lord Jesus Christ, And Do Not Think About How To Gratify The Desires Of The Sinful Nature.” Col.3:12 Says “Therefore, As God’s Chosen People, Holy And Dearly Loved, Clothe Yourselves With Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness And Patience.”

Again, 1 Cor.10:13 Says “So Whether You Eat Or Drink Or Whatever You Do, Do It All For The Glory Of God.” There Are Other Verses That Also Talked Of Honouring God With Your Body So As A Lady, What You Should Put On Should Be Checked With This Question; Does It Glorify God? Secondly, Ask Yourself; Can I Preach To Someone If I’m Putting On This Kind Of Dress?

Finally, Do Not Allow Anyone To Tell You What And What Not To Wear But Allow Your Conscience If You’ve Been Born Again To Check Everything You Do. There Are Things Others Can Put On But You Cannot Because The Seed Of God Dwells In You. Search The Scriptures For More Of Who You Are In Christ And The Manner Of Dressing That Befits You.


  1. Wow...dis just touched me. I have a gown, its not so short but each time i wear it, i get disturbed. So i decided to give it out. I want to get a belt to attach it to give a gurl in my home church. I love trousers but i cant wear dem until God permits me to do so.

    1. I love your sincere answer and how you're following the leading of the Holy Spirit in you. Thanks for visiting and commenting here. God bless you.. :)


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