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Monday, June 03, 2013

What It Takes To Be A Godly Husband..

 Majority Of Us Are So Quick To Jump Into Marriages Without Considering If He Has{For Ladies} And If I Have{For Gents} What It Takes To Be A Godly Husband.

**A Godly Husband Is The Spiritual Gateman Of His Family Who’ll Never Allow Anything That Is Not Of God Into His Household To Trouble His Wife And Children.

**A Godly Husband Is The God That His Wife And Kids See; So In His Thoughts, Words And Deeds, His Family See God In Action Who’ll Never Say Cruel Words To His Bride/Children But Words That Will Build Them Up And Place Them At The Apex Of Their Destinies.

**A Godly Husband Will Never Abuse Nor Disrespect His Wife ‘Cos He Knows That Though He’s
First Of All Weak, She’s The Weaker Vessel And A Part Of Him So Hitting Her Will Be Hitting Himself And Loving Her Will Also Be Loving Himself.

**A Godly Husband Trains His Wife Spiritually Especially In The Place Of Prayer So That She Can Carry Him And The Family Along Whenever He Is Weak. He Never Ceases To Pet, Love, And Carry His Queen As The Precious Egg She Is Because He Knows That What He Puts In Her Will Return As Great Dividends To Him.

**A Godly Husband Will Always Pray Against Unfaithfulness And Will Never Cheat On His Wife Because He Knows That The Sin Of Adultery Will Ruin His Relationship With The Lord And Break The Hedge Thereby Giving The Serpent Freedom To Bite And Wreck His Marital Home.

**A Godly Husband Is Never Ashamed To Be Called A “Woman Wrapper” Because He Will Always Find Pleasure In Assisting His Wife In House Chores And Baby Care For The General Well-Being Of His Family.

**A Godly Husband Is The Bread Winner Of His Family And Takes Pride In Providing For His Wife ‘Cos He Knows That The Bible Says That A Man Who Cannot Provide For His Family Is Worse Than An Infidel.

Having What It Takes To Be A Godly Husband Starts With Becoming Genuinely Born Again And Having The Life Of Christ In You Who’ll Work In You To His Pleasure. If And When This Is Done, Then The Holy Spirit Will Empower You To Truly Become A Godly Husband To The Glory Of God.

So Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Godly Husband? If Not, What Are You Waiting For To Go To Christ Who Alone Can Make You Become One?

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